Rename Instrument ShortCut -> Ctrl+r

Dunno why :(

is the focus on the instrument list? CTRL+R is not a global shortcut so it will work only if the focus is on the instrument list (one of the way to do this is CTRL+leftclick the box)

As IT said: You have to set the keyboard focus to the insturment box first by either clicking with the middle mouse button on the instrument list or by Alt + Left clicking on the list.

There is no global shortcut to rename instruments. Same applies to various other shortcuts. See -> Keyboard Focus concept

I have just tried with Linux (Debian) and it works if the focus is on the instrument box
(still inmy opinion pattern sequencer and instrument list shortcuts should be global :))

Yes, thats wrong. Double-clicking never changes the focus.

Global shortcuts are those that are in the “global” section in the keybindings config. Making them unique does not make them global. If they would you would never know whats now global and what not…

But looking at how even you, as long timer Renoiser, have problems understanding all this, it seems we’ve done a big design mistake. Originally the focus always switched, as soon as you clicked on stuff - thats how it works in all other applications and thats what you get when the F8 option is on. During the betas we got so much moaning about this, that we’ve added the middle/alt click focusing, which now no one understands and uses anymore.

The only thing that really useful now is that you can set the focus by keyboard shortcuts: Control + Tab / Control + Shift + Tab

my only complaint about the whole focus stuff is that in my opninion the pattern sequencer shortcuts should be global: it’s really tiresome that, if I want to perform some operations on automation curves through a sequence of patterns, I always have to switch the focus between pattern sequencer and automation window. moreover, the pattern sequencer browsing shortcuts (CTLR+arrows) are also available in pattern editor, but not in automation editor

Perhaps we should allow making any area specific key-shortcut to be made global if the user desires so by adding a flag.
This does mean that if the user wants to toggle it, a list of possible assignment-conflicts on all other areas should be shown so that the user can decide whether he/she really wants to make the shortcut global or not.

Thanks I will study the keyboard concept.

Yes if people don’t RTFM then it’s not a design error. It’s ADD.

If getting usage information one time would benefit you greatly in the long run why would you not do it?

This is exactly what I thought. I would rather do a GUI that has more separate screens and not ecerything stacked up on one. But then again this is also RTFM issue. Designers should not assume that a newbie could use a program right away out-of-the-box.

Yes please. And then put that under global in shortcut editor.

There was a change made in the design that was not corrected in the FM so TFM was R but not completely true which has been corrected.

But designers should at least try to make the program as obvious as possible.
People try stuff first and then go to the manual. It is not really the way to go, but that is what became the most natural behavior through the years.

So how about shortcuts for MAC users,
I still havent worked out how to make F8 functional and not flick all my screens in different directions, is there an alternative for MACS? or does anyone know a way of temporarily disabling that function.
Also, since im not at my renoise right now and i cant check,
will it be Apple/TAB to change focus?

OSX System Configuration -> Keyboard -> Use F1-F12 keys as proper function keys when you are on a laptop
That means you will have to use the Fn key to control hardware settings like brightness and volume.

You can there also remove the default Keyboard Shortcuts for Expose.