Rename Meta Mixer Inputs

With the unsupported Formula Device the user can double-click on the input names and give them something that may aide in remember where they are coming from.

Currently double-clicking on the Inputs for the Meta Device sets the input to 0 (which is likely a bug.) Any chance of having it so you can change the input name?

This is actually a bit of a hidden feature in Renoise. On any standard parameter that uses a slider, you can double click the parameter’s name to reset it to the default value. That’s what’s happening in this case.

Might be able to simply have the input names automatically rename themselves when something is connected to them. Will give it some consideration anyway.

Well I never!

Would having it go back to the value of the last loaded Preset be better than going to the Init value of that slider?

That would be sweet :) Although when connecting with Hydras from other tracks it may not always be quite as useful as giving it one yourself…