Rename Midi Ports

Just picked up a new midi interface that is USB compliant so don’t need to fuss around with any software. Only issue I’ve now run into is that I can’t figure out how to rename the midi ports for Renoise to recognize. I’ve tried modifying the Friendly Name within the registry but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas on how Renoise pulls the midi port names?

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For those coming in behind me on this, had to do a little digging around. @protman got me started in the right direction to get this sorted via the discord server.

First started off with loopMIDI to create virtual aliases of the hardware I needed to connect:

Then demoed a program called BOME MIDI Translator Pro which ended up working out wonderfully to successfully route the virtual ports to the hardware ports though I have yet to fully test the hardware out to virtual in so may still need to get that fully sorted on my end:


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