Renaming samples for Kontakt Import

Hi All,

I’m fairly new to renoise and really digging it so far. Wondering if there’s a quick way to specify the filenames of auto-sampled instruments. The filename that Renoise comes up with when I render a synth is no bueno for import into Kontakt, because 1) it puts a dash into the note name, which Kontakt doesn’t properly parse, and 2) The velocity is hex, which causes Kontakt to just give up map things across the keyboard quasi-randomly.

Anyone have a smooth workflow for getting from Renoise into Kontakt?


It depends on what you need to rename to. A simple method would be to Select all files in Win Explorer and while all selected rename the first one into what you want, then it applies the name to all samples and adds a number in parantese (#). This might not be what you want, but then i guess you could find or create a script for it or maybe it’s even possible using the “ren” command in the MS-DOS Prompt or whatever you call it nowadays?

Thanks for the reply. I’m hoping to find a way that preserves all the info in the filename (root note & velocity) so kontakt can auto map them. I could probably figure out a Windows batch file, but it’s not trivial since there’s a hex->dec conversion to be done to correctly map the velocities later. Might be just as easy to figure out a lua script in renoise that would output the correct format in the first place, though i don’t know the first thing about lua at the moment.

Bulk Rename Utility.
I use it all of the time for similar tasks. It’s great and very quick.

Bulk Rename Utility.
I use it all of the time for similar tasks. It’s great and very quick.

Thanks sw1fty. I did try that one and it gets very close. But unless I was doing it wrong, you can’t convert hex-dec without the javascript processing capabilities, which require a full license. Is there some other way to do it that I’m not understanding?

Running a lua snippet in the scripting console should do the trick.

Tell me how the name is supposed to be formatted and we can tweak the script

Thanks Danoise.

The only changes needed are to convert the velocity from hex to a decimal value 0-127, and the dash removed from the note name (“C5” instead of “C-5”). The order is fine as-is, as you specify that on import to other apps anyway.

Here’s a modified version, string manipulation makes it possible:

You need to enable the scripting console first, then create a new lua file (or simplypaste the snippet into “testpad.lua”)

Also, setoutput_folderto something valid and test the script by pressing ‘Execute’.

Check the output in the terminal - if it seems legit, uncomment this line (remove the two dashes in front):



That is very close. The output in the terminal looks correct. But when I uncomment the final line just outputs a single file called “VST”, 0 KB in size. The sample names created by Renoise have a colon (:slight_smile: as the very next character, so perhaps it’s choking on that?

Thanks for your help


Check the link again, I think it should work this time.

Thanks again - this gives the correct number of correctly-named files, but they all contain the same audio data (ie, they are all actually the first sample, saved with a bunch of different names)

Thanks for your patience and help!

I updated the script - third time’s the charm?

All that was needed was to set this property before saving the sample:


Works like a charm.

I really appreciate the help. Great to be able to move between these tools seamlessly.