Renaming Vst Presets?

It’s possible to create VSTi (edit the default one and save it with a different filename) presets/banks with Renoise, but I couldn’t find a way to rename the presets.
Is it possible somehow? If not, it’d be a nice feature.

I’m currently developing a VST instrument, and apart from this problem, Renoise is a great host for testing!

What about the “save bank / preset” option in the VSTI property window?

That saves the preset with the specified filename, but the name remains what it was.
E.g. on your screenshot: If you save the preset with the “Whatever.fxp” filename, the name of the preset will still remain “Multi 1”…

The VST SDK provides setProgramName() method for this functionality, that all VST plugins should support.
So I think there shouldn’t be a plugin-side problem while implementing this feature in Renoise.