Renaming Vst


My collection of VSTeffects is a mess, I’d like to organize it.

I’m about to rename all my files and I’d like to know if there is a way to save those infos; I mean, if I reinstall my computer and Renoise, to still have the name I put, and not the originals.

As a good friend of mine told me not to rename the Dll files…

Thank you and excuse my english :walkman:

No, that is indeed not a good idea, but you can rename your plugins inside Renoise and you can add or remove categories you want to catalogue your plugins underneath.

The only thing you need to guard afterwards is the CachedVSTs.DB (and perhaps the CachedFailedVSTs.db) in the application preference folder, where all this data is stored inside.

Cool, thank you :)

Uhm, and why? Out of 500+ (freebie) VST instruments and effects, there is ONE that doesn’t like it. Big deal, I use that one unrenamed.

That way I can use these huge lists collapsed, so instead of

  • author
    — blah
    ------ vst

I just have “[blah] vst”. So at least that means twice as much info on the screen (or even three times as much if you calculate one subfolder per vst)

The transition is messy, yeah, but starting new songs after I renamed all the stuff? A dream. Sanitizing the filenames of freshly installed VST? Easy.

So I’d really like to know if there is a technical reason for the advice not to rename 'em, or if it’s just the usual “some people might confused” routine? Because I certainly wouldn’t want to go back.

Well, reasons not to was not about whether the plugin likes it or not, but perhaps you have used the plugin in a dozen of older projects which then suddenly show up missing plugins. (or when you use other hosts in which you have projects that uses the old named plugin)
Or you use a plugin that you renamed but your co-op buddy that you work on the same project did not and has to figure out how you renamed your plugin.
The option to rename and order your plugins inside Renoise was added so that you can do this inside Renoise without causing problems in between projects.

I only heard renaming the DLL files by folks just to get plugins in a specific order in the plugin list inside Renoise.
I have no real good idea why this would make life easier outside Renoise unless you use other hosts that do not support this kind of renaming and category facility.

Does Renoise use the .dll name to load the plugin then ?
Not the 4 digit identifier/plugin name/.dll name comparison technique ?
Most of the hosts i use have that system for loading

Not bitching here by the way just interested to know cause when i am beta testing plugins i normally have an increment number on the .dll but other hosts still use the newer version in older projects fine

Thanks for any info here


Well yeah, this certainly can lead to annoyances, I can attest to that. But I for one sure am glad I didn’t shrink from the challenge, maybe I’ll run into SNAFU’s later down the road but for now I’m glad I did it.

renaming plugins that have links to the registry can lead to problems (plugs not showing or asking for registration details), most freeware vst(i) though, don’t seem to mind.

About the renaming procedure in renoise I think this could be improved. I wish I could highlight multiple entries in the list and just mouse drag them to a particular folder, instead of renaming one by one. Make it similar to how one would (shift or ctrl click select) cut and paste in windows explorer please :)

That frustration is granted ;)

I would like to reset the AU plugin list. So that the default way of listing them by developer is restored. Any easy way to do that?