Render a song with MIDI synths - How?


In the Renoise manual it says that it’s possible to render a song with the instruments of hardware synth.

I tried that, but it didn’t render the one hardware instrument I have in the song.

How can I do this?

Try to render in realtime. You can select it in the rendering options. Because a hardware synth have to be played in realtime. Other than plugins, wich are able to be computed while fast rendering.

did you use the line in device?


Thanks for the answer!


I tried both render in realtime and offline.


In the Line In Device, should it be my USB Soundcard there or Renoise Midi in?

One other thing I can do, is to play the song while I’m recording the hardware sound to a sample. And then I render the song with the sample. This works. :slight_smile:

The Line-in device should be set to receive the audio coming into your system from the external gear, whether it’s via a real audio cable, over a USB device of some kind, or whatever.

This will pipe your external gear’s audio into the track in Renoise.

You will then have to render your song in realtime mode, so that the audio coming from the external gear is actually playing in time with your Renoise song, and everything gets captured together.

But I don’t get any sound when I play the rendered song. I use Korg Karma with Combi Sounds.