Render As A Sample Path

Hi all !!!

I’m an happy Renoise user since 2 years and i really appreciate the work Taktik and all the other devs are making
I’ve logged only now but i spent lots of time reading this awesome forum

Maybe what i’m suggesting is already possible (but i didn’t find the way yet):

Is it possible to decide where to put the rendered to sample material without be forced to add a new instrument?

let’s say you render as sample and then renoise ask you in what slot put the sample

wouldn’t be a simple but nice feature?


the feature automatically stores the new instrument into the next available instrument slot (i.e.: an instrument slot which currently has no samples or VSTi/MIDI instances assigned). what would be the use of a specific assignment? you can also drag&drop the new instrument into the desired slot, if you really need to

Hi It-Alien siamo entrambi italiani…

This little feature (to dedice where to place the rendered material) i think is quite useful when you use render to sample often so you don’t have to copy the sample in another instrument and delete the instrument crated by the rendering

think of a situation where i want to render in let say 10 different ways the same loop and i want to map the rendered samples to the same instrument
Now i would have 10 instruments , on each i have to copy and paste the sample to the first instrument and then delete all the other 9 instruments

It would be nice if everytime i render something i could put it on the instrument i want without having to create another another and another instrument

It could be a little feature but useful

don’t you think?

I understand your need. I think that a better solution would be differentiating “Render Selection to Sample” into two different features:
“Render Selection to Instrument”, which would behave as it is now, and “Render Selection to Sample”, which would render the selection and copy it to the currently selected sample slot.

Actually, the current “Render selection to sample” name is a bit misleading

Yes, this would definitely help to spare time and have a linear workflow

the 2 rendering modes are even better than my original idea :-))

PS: I have seen your myspace profile. Did you play in Avellino on January the 11th together with Marco Parente at “Black House Blues” pub? I’m from Avellino and wanted to see that concert, but didn’t manage to go.


The concert was nice and the sound was good to! :slight_smile:
I hope we will have another concert there in Avellino so we can meet and you can listen to some music by Marco & me

right now we are playing mainly in the middle of Italy but i think we will soon come back
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the south rocks! :slight_smile:


it would be great to get a .wav when rendering a sample indeed…store them in a folder would not be such a problem, no?