Render As Loop

I need all my songs to loop, it’s because I compose for games. To produce a perfect loop, I have to add an extra pattern at the end of the song to let sounds that doesn’t end instantly decay and all that stuff. I render the song, open the file in a multitrack recorder, cut the last pattern and layer it with the beginning. Save that, and I have my perfect loop.

Now, each song I do for my current game consists of around five to seven “layers”. This means I must go through the loop procedure the same number of times. Then, I tend to realize when I try it out in the game that “Hey, I should have mixed this differently”. So, I got to repeat it all again, often for every layer. I’m losing a lot of time because of this :(

Now a friend is also composing for a project we’re doing together. He’s using Ableton, and I asked him how he makes his songs loop perfectly. “Oh, I just tick Render as Loop”

I guess you understand what my suggestion is :)

Yes! +1
A render selection as loop would also be wonderful.

cool suggestion!

i was thinking about this when i tried doing a http://en.wikipedia…ki/Shepard_tone

i find small loops to be a fun lil thing in itself… like gifs. it’s mesmerizing. :)

Bump. This is also a huge problem for me, and it seems like all the tools that could provide this feature do not have compatibility with 3.x.