Render As Mp3

fast render to shoot directly your tests in your ipod or msn for coworkers without a painfull conversion and a gain of disc space :)

If you do a search thru the forums you’ll find that this comes down to a license issue, cost too many big bucks to implement.

Oh yes you’re right!! i didn’t read all the messages of the forum…

Does the ogg vorbis is free format or is there a free “all readable” compression format?

Do you mean that all the free mp3 converters are outlaw?

Indeed my friend… indeed…

So then we need Apple Ipod to support XRNS


Why not render to ogg vorbis? It could be usefull, since i upload lots of work in progress tracks, and all the time need to convert to mp3, or ogg in audacity. If there was ogg opiton in renoise i would be happy, cuz i dont want wave all the times. Ogg is open source, that means its patent free, so no problems about that. And it give high quality imo better then mp3.

Good point! +1

I think FLAC render would be nice too.

using oggdropXPd you only need to drag the rendered file to an icon and you will get the compressed file

Well its not about converting files, its no problem for me. Im not crying either I can mangage without it. But I think small things like this will make renoise even better.

Sounds like a good candidate for a tool, to get the functionality inside Renoise but insulate the devs from MP3 licensing crap.

yep, maybe something for mxb additional file formats tool as well? Some kind of ‘lame’ implementation that excludes the need to install quicktime etc.

What I usually do when I want to render quick mp3s is -

  • Render to .wav
  • Open .wav in foobar2000 and use foobar’s converter to convert it to .mp3

Takes a couple of seconds and you’re done!

How about Oggdrop or LameDrop? Simply drag and drop the wav and you’re done!

I never knew about those. Pretty simple and easy to use! +1

i had no idea that was possible with foobar2000! i still miss it whenever i am on linux…

speaking of linux, it seems you can just do ‘lame -V0 -h -b 160 --vbr-new input.wav output.mp3’ - pretty awesome.

Flic Flac works quick enough for most fast renders

I don’t know how it goes with lisences but i was wondering if it makes any difference to implement mp3 support as Energy-XT does.
Energy-XT uses lame for conversion but it’s not included by default. You need to copy lame file into root folder by yourself.

Usually i trim rendered files after render so for me it would be more useful to be able to save sample as mp3 rather than rendering it as mp3.