Render audio with renoise as clock slave

Heya - I have renoise slaved to a Roland MX-1 which I’m using for transport + clock. The MX-1 is also syncing external gear.

Is there a way to render a song to audio but start playback from the MX-1? In render sample I can wait to start but in render song there doesn’t appear to be the option?


I’m not aware so; can renoise explicitly send transport in the sequencer?

Forr clock stability I’d prefer the mx-1 to be master… however maybe I’m assuming incorrectly my pc will have worse stability. I’ll setup renoise as master and see how it works out :slight_smile:

Have you tried setting “Render Mode” in the rendering Window to “Realtime” instead of “Offline”?

If you are using hardware, Maybe for this kind of situation you are better off installing reaper or any other rewire friendly software (I do this with ableton). And rout your renoise tracks into that via rewire so that you can record the renoise tracks instead of rendering. That will allow the freedom to control renoise from the external hardware and record the audio… But only if you cant find a workaround doing it 100% in renoise…