Render Battery 4 to new instrument is messed up

I set up a kit in Battery 4 that I’m now trying to render to an instrument. It sounds terrible, and looking at the waveform I can see something seriously wrong with the sample. If I render to sample from the pattern editor, it looks fine. It’s just the render plugin to instrument where it’s messed up:

7120 sample gap.png

It looks like Battery 4 is just behaving weirdly in Renoise.

“Auto suspend” is disabled, but on the plugin tab it shows the state as “Suspended” next to the question mark. I think if auto suspend is disabled, it shouldn’t get suspended at all, right?

The other weird thing was that hovering over the question mark it said the latency is 0 samples, but the Song Plugin Delay Compensation Info window showed 255 samples latency for Battery. The Plugin Options window had “Use static processing buffers” enabled by default… when I unchecked it, the Song Plugin Delay Compensation Info window showed 0 latency from Battery, and the plugin grabber worked fine.

So there seem to be at least two problems with Renoise and Battery’s plugin configuration:

  • Renoise will suspend Battery, even if “auto suspend” is disabled
  • The latency isn’t being communicated correctly, particularly with “Use static processing buffers” set to on

Did you disable auto suspend in the ?-options and then reloaded the song?

Auto suspend is not enabled anyway…

I don’t think Battery suspends normally – it’s just when rendering it to an instrument that it suspends (as in, it shows a suspended status, even though “auto suspend” is disabled)