Render Better Sounding 'Plugin To Instrument'

Ey little tip here for the people using ‘render plugin to instrument’ to create multi-sampled instruments of their vsti:

by using ‘wusik vm’ ( ) you can oversample a vsti up to 4 times, which can have nice results on some vsti.

Try it out!


watch out, the version I’m running crashes Renoise when trying to load a new vsti in wusik!

I don’t want to dampen your suggestion Jonas, people should try it out. But a general work of advice on over-sampling: while sometimes it can have the sound of improved tone, it can kill the feel of the dynamics. I’ve absolutely no hard science to back this up right at this moment, but I’m just going off my own tests. Some sounds don’t suffer from this issue, but some do. Best to make the tests and think about “are the dynamic retained?” and decide on a case by case method. I’m not saying over-sampling and upsampling is bad, but just reminding people to keep their ears sharp to what is going on.

agree about oversampling. can be great. sometimes it seems to work more as an additional variation on timbre/tone control, though. very evident in z3ta+, i know for a fact cause i use it a lot. other plugs i too, i think. it is a good idea to try swapping these settings around, though.