Render Directly To Flac?

Why isn’t there an option? Everything in Renoise is FLAC anyways… :s

No wavs to be found on my disks.

Good idea. Would be nice indeed!


Or better Apple lossless, since it’s more common for listening purposes.

Also Save Sample in the sample editor should save as FLAC…
In other words, just make .wav disappear in my everyday life. ^^

And Jurek, what kind of a statement is that? o.o Why would ALAC be any better for “common listening purposes”, they both do the exact same thing. Only difference is that ALAC is slightly bigger in size.

Pro tip / easter egg: Try changing the file extension when you save the sample :P

ah thanks ^^

Does it not work with 32bit samples? First time I tried it no joy but a different song after converting it to 24bit so that I could convert to flac elsewhere and I checked again and it worked that time.

Huh? For iPod users - maybe. For Philips, Cowon, iRiver, Sandisk etc users - FLAC is mor common. On the other hand, Renoise encodes samples into flac and uses Quicktime for mp3 conversion, so adding an option to encoding in a selected format (flac, vorbis or anything supported by QT) shouldn’t be very hard.

Renoise saves into its own 32-bit Flac format. It was designed at a time the original FLAC developers did not yet supported 32-bit FLAC. I tough t i read that FLAC today supports 32-bit, but i don’t know how much their protocol is following the protocol used by Renoise. It could be that theirs is different so that would explain the incompatibility issue.

Hello all!

Is it still possible to render songs to FLAC? I can’t seem to get it to work. If not, I’d love to see this feature return!


is there a tool for this? :F