Render each track separately routing

Hi folks. Do you know how does the “render each track separately” routing looks like? Is it so that output of each track is rendered? Or maybe it is routed through the group track belongs to?

The problem i have is as follows. I would apply Glitch vst on a group that hosts all synths in a project, and afterwards export each track individually so i can mix it in the studio (my engineer doesn’t work in renoise unfortunately). If each track could be processed through the bus the effect is on, there should be no problem.

Any advices or ideas how could i do this?


iirc render each track separately will render each track within the group ( without the effects insert on master group ) and will render also the the summed output of the group ( with effect aplied to group master )

Oh. so maybe i should set it on the group and after i’m fine, copy it to each track individually with the same settings… Ok thanks for clearing up the routing for me gentleclockdivider :)/>

EDIT: it applies the volume from post-mixer right?