Render Gui Bug?


Don’t know if this is a bug, but when I want to a selection of patterns to WAV the pattern numbers in the sequencer don’t match with the pattern number in the ‘renderbox’.
For example: I 'm creating a song, and i have to render pattern 7 and 8 to WAV, when I select those two pattern in the pattern sequencer and click with te right mouse button ‘render selection to wav’, the renderbox opens. This says that I want to render pattern 14 and 15 to wav. When I click ‘render’ pattern 7 and 8 are rendered. :huh:

It turns out that my total number of patterns adds up to 15.
(pattern sequence = 001112345555678 = 7 and 8 are the target paterns, 14 and 15 have to be rendered)

Hope anyone understands this??



14 and 15 refers to the 14th and 15th patterns in the sequence.

you probably want to render 7th and 8th in the sequence, id est patterns number 3 and 4

Right, I want to render pattern number 7 and 8 and these are the 14th and 15th patterns in the pattern sequencer.

Confusing, isn’t it.

I can see the logic, but it’s not very friendly to use, can’t there anything be done about this??

Maybe Taktik can change “Pattern Sequence” into “(selected) Song sequence”.
It is indeed not logical to say Pattern Sequence when actually (part of) the song sequence is being rendered.

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