Render Instrument To Sample In Mono

is it possible to render an instrument to sample to mono? Gets tedious to convert each sample to mono by hand - and it does have a significant implication for song size when using big/many instruments. Also is it possible to convert the samplerate/bit depths/mono-stereo in batch for each sample in an instrument? If no I suggest these would be nice features.

There is no such option currently available… but what not is, may still come.
Not for 2.5 anymore though, RC is on breakthru.

I think this would be a good option. often I only need mono.
we’d save 50% space too ;)

Are there any workarounds to render HW synth to instrument?

Simply hook up to the line-in, insert the note-scheme and velocity you desire to record, then play your song live, in the sample-editor pick the line-in and record it to an empty sample.

Yea, that’s the way I have always done it and were looking for something quicker. Every note from 2+ octave range needs lot of cut and pasting.

Yeah, the ability to automate this process for batch-rendering hardware audio to instrument subsamples is arguably as important as being able to do it for VSTs. More, for me; with a dual quad-core (and even with my Eee’s Atom), I’ve got the juice to run a fair amount of DSP. I can tolerate some CPU cloggage more comfortably than I can set up my big ugly Virus B in an airport lounge.

Built-in multisample instrument objects are amongst Renoise’s coolest features and fixing this function for hardware, aside from the portability question, would give great flexibility where people have non-multitimbral synths or limited soundcard inputs - instrumentifying your patch and then moving on to program the next would be brilliant!

Hardware concerns seem a bit neglected these days, but it’s not like lots of us don’t still use hardware synths (or at least brag about them in our sigs :P), so a few adjustments to this feature so that it’ll do mono (making it better at its goal - to be efficient) and so that it’ll send MIDI to ext synths if we want. Yeah, I realise it’ll have to be done realtime but I don’t care - I can go and make coffee or have a poo while I wait.