Render multiple patterns at once? [NVM SOLVED]

Bonus: replace with new instrument and wnte c#4

Yeah, couldnt find a tool that could do this, but wondering if there one I missed that could take a bunch of patterns and render them all to separate instruments. Sometimes i I create multi-pattern passages with a VST but would love to be able to render down all of them for later fuckery.

It would be 2xs amazing if the tool could replace the entered notes with just a c#4 linked to the new instrument but thats pie in the sky thinking i know.

EDIT: Think this gets 99% of the way there. Only wish would be for each pattern to render to it’s own instrument.

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Try SamRender too! Although the tool you posted is faster for your needs, SamRender can be also useful for other stuff, so Imma share it here just in case:

Then use the matrix render option:


PSA: Please pay attention to the “Destiny” option. Set it to “New Instr.” to avoid overwriting the currently selected instrument.

I just render different tracks using this method. It’s not flawless, but works :slight_smile:

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Ahh, fantastic! Thanks for pointing this out. Also - really appreciate the screencaps. Makes it easier to follow, as there is a lot going on with this tool (a good thing)!