Render one song multiple times?

Hello there :slight_smile: Is there a simple way to render same track for example 100 times or more ? :slight_smile: I checked some render tools but there is no such option there.

Im deep into using renoise as music generator. So when i set things up. I would like to render the track for example 100 times? The way ive been using is like macro software that clicks everytime star render after finish. But it take my computer away. I would like to set process in background, or maybe there is option to add such feature in the future update in main render window. This could be great.

An already existing solution is to create a song X with one track. In a folder multiply that song by 100 (it would be ideal if each name was listed). Then use the Render Multiple Songs tool. So you can get 100 renders of the same track automatically. You will only waste your time by multiplying the song inside a folder.

Another solution is to create a single song with 100 identical tracks (somewhat exaggerated solution). You would get the same track rendered 100 times. I assume you are using random stuff to get your sounds.

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Thx for reply, yet it would take as you said time, and it’s impractical for me :slight_smile: Its all about time :wink:

Yes. Also the Lua tools for Renoise are very useful to save time. Rendering a track hundreds of times is possible with a single action using a tool. The API allows these things. It is only necessary to program it.