Render Or Record While Playing

my Problem is this. I want to record/render the a whole song i made with Renoise while i play it.
I know that rendering it in that way is not possible, but recording it with other software should be.
I tried it with a Rewire Connection with Bidule(demo) and that was going very well, but now the demo version
of Bidule has expired and doesn´t function any more and i am searching for an other way.
I tried a connection with Reaper. Didn´t work at all. And i tried a connection with ableton live. But i
have problems with repeating a pattern while the connection is on. Somehow it makes ableton jump back
in the recording which blows my recording. I don´t know how to make the repeatingsignal stop to go the rewire way of live.
Then i tried to connect over Jack with Audacity. Didn´t work.
and so on and on…

Does anybody have the same problem?
Is there a free VST Recording tool for OSX? (I found one for that microsoft operating system.)

English is not my mother tongue. Maybe it´s a little shoody.

On OSX? Try Soundflower:

This will install a sort of virtual driver for you. You set up two apps, and pass the audio between them. Example

Renoise Preferences -> Audio -> Soundflower OUTPUT, Amadeus Pro (or Audacity, or whatever) -> FIGURE_IT_OUT ->Soundflower INPUT.

Good luck.

Thank you for the fast and good help.
I don´t know how to mark this topic as solved, but it is.
It works.

what would you use for this if on windows?

Why not use a VST Recorder in the Master output, rather than a whole other piece of software?

Available for free? On OSX? Hook me up!

Than said Soundflower is standard stuff in OSX land. Comes in handy for many situations, not just this one.

Sorry I’m a PC user but thought I had remembered one being mentioned one of the many times this question has come up in the past. Just had a quick search through some threads and can’t see mention of it so maybe I was mistaken and there isn’t one in the world of OSX.

My point was generally Soundflower + whole other program must add more memory and processing overheads than a basic AU/VST inserted in Master, which may make the difference between clean recording and glitching sound if you project is already close to maximum resources.

I am using an workaround for this issue myself, and it’s simple one. Install Jack OS X driver, it is same thing as the one in linux, only a slight more polished. After installation and computer restart, first start jack pilot and select appropriate audio interface that you want to be jack client , and after that, start Renoise and select jack driver in input/output settings. Now you will have a possibility to do any inter-application routing, and you can use any audio editor, recorder, od renoise itself to record a loopback of your performance. I am using audacity or a small application called Record to capture my computer performances. I can’t find it’s link now, but will when get back home. Just set routing in Jack pilot, and you are ready to go. Click on Routing button in JackPilot to see what I mean by that.

I’m confused, Voxengo Recorder is available as AU or VST on Mac, no ?

edit: nevermind, your right, facepalm, not available for OSX