Render->output Folder: "where The Module Is"

Just a litte checkbox.

Well, the render destination is the same as the last time you rendered, so once you select the “module folder” you’re happy. Unless you have a separate folder for every module. But I wonder how many people have it like that…

Another option which would give some more flexibility would be to have the big explorer dialog window at render, the one with the “places bar” on the left (the window which get when you “Save song as…”). That “places bar” can be customized, there are free programs/tweaks to do that:

On a similar topic, it would be nice if all the render settings could be remembered from last time:

Hmm, there is not just “one folder for all modules” and “a separate folder for every module”, there’s also something in between. I for example have

  • (neato, but very sketchy)
    ++ (neato, and either finished or at least worth uploading)
  • (crap)

in each of that I also have subfolders named “Sampled”, “Cover”, “Cute” (for cheesy chippy tunes etc.).

It’s not a huuuge hassle to keep that “synchronized” (i.e. having the same directory structure in my “rendered” folder), but that simple checkbox would make that unnecessary.

Ok, I see.

Well, I never use the same folder for modules and .wavs, so I wouldn’t need it.
I think most people keep modules and .wavs separated, but I could be wrong of course.