Render Problem: 'Failed to open the file SongPath\song.wav'


I have a little problem when rendering. After pressing start, it says: Failed to open the file Songpath\Song.wav.

It came out of nowhere, the day before, everything worked fine! The only thing i did was adding one VST (MGF Timewarp). However i tried removing it, but the same error occured. Reinstalling also didn’t help, although i updated fro 3.2.0 to 3.2.2! Also, i tried all different rendering options, nothing helped!

Did you encounter a similar problem once? I didn’t find anything on the forum to this particular error message.

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Have you already tried setting a different render location than your desktop folder?

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I tried folders on the Desktop which didn’t work. But rendering to the Music folder works, thank you! Havent tried that!

Maybe it has something to do with the Windows and Anti Virus update i did a few days ago!


EDIT: Adding an exception for renoise to the AntiVirus Program helped to be able to render to the Dekstop again!

This could be caused by Windows Defenders Ransomware protector too:

Windows then starts blocking access to some of your folders for some applications. Whitelisting Renoise indeed will fix this then too.

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Thanks very much for the additional information!

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