"Render Selection To Sample" Always Produces Empty Samples

Any time I use this feature my resulting samples are always empty. This happens with any project, including new ones. Also happens using either my UFXII or built in sound output.

Am I missing something? I haven’t configured Renoise much at all.


I once was riddled by this, with a dedicated resampling project to generate samples from processed instruments.

turned out that I had other tracks with notes from the same instrument going as I was resampling different iterations of the same instrument. renoise will only play back an instrument (if it has processing or is a plugin) in a single track, and will switch tracks to the “last” one with an active note in if you define no routing.

make sure the instrument is triggered only from the same track you are trying to resample. if you use routing, then resample not the track with the notes in, but the one where your audio gets routed to. even if there are no notes in the selection, it will render your sound triggered from elsewhere, you just need to mark space in the right track…

Hey man. Thanks for the tips. I can reproduce this in an empty Song on my home laptop, I also removed all Preferences in ~/Library/Preferences/Renoise and the issue still persists. My work laptop doesn’t show this issue, not sure what the difference there is, they’re both vanilla installs.

I re-downloaded Renoise and the problem went away. If this happens again I’ll come back.

If the render fails then it’s usually a sign that the application binary has been tampered with in some way.

On Windows this may be caused by a virus, or even an overly aggressive anti-virus or firewall that tinkered with the files in some way.

On Mac/Linux this may be caused by things like prelink or NixOS.

In any case, just make sure that nothing is tampering with the Renoise application files.

Wow. How could this happen on Mac OS?