Render Selection To Sample Options

When you render selection to sample the process is immediate, there are no options to specify. I can see how many like the way this is handled.

Rendering is done through the master channel. If you have processors set up on the master you do not always want these processors to effect the sample, so you need to switch them off before rendering to sample.

What I would like to suggest is to add an option to the preferences where you can choose whether you want to specify options when rendering to sample or not. This way the current behaviour is preserved and those who choose it get a confirmation screen with options.

The option list should include (but does not have to be limited to):

  • Bypass FX (bypasses FX on track)

  • Bypass Master FX

What do you think?

I think it’s a good idea. It’s actually been discussed several times before:

Hence why I use an external renderer and can do what I like…

So you render to disk and then import the sample? I think render sample options are a better idea.

I’m with you Mans, having these options is essential.