Render To Sample Options

If there’s one feature of renoise that seems to baffle people, it’s the 6 db cut that you incur when you “render selection to sample”. I understand that this feature has good intentions, and many people probably appreciate it. However, sometimes you want something to render at the level you mixed it at in the first place. For me, quite often. When you’re doing a lot of rendering from different tracks it can get annoying to have to correct everything or record it louder than you intended.

As renoise is at its best when it does what you want it to, how about the following feature in the preferences pane:

Render to Sample Db Cut:

  1. none
  2. -3db
  3. -6db

I think this would probably please people.

i like this,im doing alot of rendering myself,so this would be a very nice thing to have


I would add option ‘Render to sample without track fx’


oh and what im missing in all the trackers: render everything from a specific sample or vsti, not from a specific channel/track.
This way, i can render instruments seperately and postprocess these later if needed.

and the -db options you mentioned? +1 definitely!

I had that idea the other day.

The reason of having ‘render to sample without fx’ is when you play sth using e.g vsti and then you want to tweak it a bit using sample editor and put somewhere on the same track - but without that option, sample is played on that track like with ‘doubled fx’ - that case needs a lot of clicking sometimes to get rid of effects.
So please allow to turn off/on all effects in an easy way :)

Oh yes, this would be really helpful, also without mastering effects. It’s very annoying to switch them off by hand everytime. Would also be great if such option ever get’s implemented, if it would really bypass the chain, as if it’s not there to avoid silence being added from plugins with latency.