Render Selection To Sample / Process Track Dsp's Issue


I wanted to figure out why whenever i use ‘process track DSP’s’ funtion in sample editor or ‘render selection to sample’ , the rendered sample seems to be much quieter than the original.

Does anyone of you know if there’s a solution to this issue?

I really like RNS’s compressors and EQ’s , and at some point i thought that i would be able to mix and master everything inside of renoise.
But unfortunately, my pc cannot handle a lot of FX, so i thought to myself that i could just do dinamics(compression) and EQing on each track and then just process those with the ‘process track DSP’s’ function, and then just leave only the essential FX , such as reverb , delay,etc.

at this point, i just ‘manually’ increase the volume of rendered sample.

If anyone knows a good way to solve this issue please help me out!

thank you


Renoise automatically halves the volume to avoid clipping…you’ve just got to pump it back up afterwards.