Render Slices To Separate Instruments / Samples

Maybe it is already there and I’m blind, but is it possible to have the separate slices cut or copied to new instruments in the instrument list automatically?

This so one can apply destructive edits on slices, like applying ‘fx’ or fade outs in the sample editor.

Something like ‘Render plugin to instrument’, but now ‘render slices to instrument’ or separate instruments.


Also I think it would be good to have an optionally view of the complete sample when triggering different slices.

Yes agree, I suggested this in alpha, heres the mock-up I did:

really nice idea, great mockup too.

actually it’s there! You have to de-select, ‘auto-select played’ in the top left corner of the sample editor, then scroll to the first ‘original’ sample in the instrument list and then triggering the slices can be viewed overall.

Learning something new myself there :)

The double view would still be handy IMO for fine adjustments, though it is less required now.

but this doesn’t create an editable drummap ,we still have to revert back to the original sample to make edits

I was referring to this (see first post):

OK, I have to delete a post now :) I too asked for this Render / Freeze slices to samples, without dupe checking.

How embarrassment :rolleyes:

So I guess this won’t happen now, same for slicing according to snap settings?