Render Song To Disk - Save Each Group Into A Seperate File


A little suggestion which would be nice to have and make the implementation of groups more “complete”:
A third entry in the “Render Song to Disk” menu which says: Save each group into a seperate file.
I work a lot with gropus, they are a really neat feature.
Would be nice for post-processng or mastering or resampling of e.g. 30-track-orchestral-arrangements, etc.

2.8 final maybe? : -)


Great idea!


Wanted to post this idea, but I found this topic from 2 years ago.

This would be a very usefull function for me personally.

Especially when working with a s417load of layers and send.

In my opinion it would be even better if this function was combined with the ability to render with and without send channels.
(for remix purposes)

So +1 for this idea.

Good idea ! Must have