Render Song To Mp3

Hi, why not add an option to render song to mp3? with bitrate choice? In this way you can put your song in your mp3 player without to convert with another program!

I agree. Should be implemented.

Very nice!

you need a license (per unit usually) for mp3 encoding
it’s an annual fee of 5000 to 15000 usd, and a per unit cost at 2.5 usd to 5.0 usd (depending on the annual fee).


lame is free, but the patents for mp3 still need to be licensed.

It has been suggested over x-ty of times and it also has been explained quite a lot of times why it shall not be implemented.
Though the answer more or less has been given in this thread, I would suggest you to use the search function a bit more often before posting such general suggestions.


Why not do it like Cockos do? Encode to MP3 if Lame is installed.

On a further speculative note, what if a tool was written that did not have lame contained in the package, (I suppose this would not be allowed?) but would check if it was installed? (and render to wav->encode to mp3) :ph34r:

Is this sort of compression really necessary anymore with current bandwidth and data storage capacity?

Why not just use WAVs for everything - sounds better and even the most basic phone comes with GBs of memory now…

Imho, Renoise is for music production, not for encoding output to other formats. It stores samples to FLAC format so that you have a fair lossless audio compression rate. There are so many free solutions to encode a wav to an mp3 file even simply by dragging and dropping onto a tool.
Lots of sites even accept WAV or FLAc as an audio source for upload and will do the Mp3 encoding for you. Why are people so lazy to desire a feature inside a DAW that only saves them 2 seconds of time? (The encoding procedure won’t be going any faster whether this is done through Renoise or external tool)

render to MP3 no, render to FLAC yes. This would save me the step of running it through Audacity to convert to FLAC before I upload to SoundCloud.

I’m pretty sure that there are many drag&drop FLAC converters available.

this one is for Windows and features Windows Explorer integration and drag&drop support.

I didn’t try it myself but if it doesn’t work, many others seem to be available

OGGdropXPd allows drag&drop to convert WAV files to OGG

I’m happy with audacity because it’s nice for mixing songs… sometimes the limitations about moving one XRNS into another are easier overcome with external-to-renoise mixing.

then you would still need to run Audacity even if Renoise would render to FLAC directly, or am I missing something…!?

not necessarily. i would always render to flac, simply for the file size reduction in the folders that are online backed up (basically my entire music production folder)

There is also LamedropXP for mp3 (also Windows)

Export to FLAC makes very much sense. Not just because FLAC as such makes sense, but because the code is already there. Samples that are saved in a xrns are already saved as FLAC, so…

Hey guys, I think this is a LAME idea.
(Get it?! It’s a joke!)