Render to disk -> Browse, Not all folders shown

When I click browse in the Render to Disk window, and I’m in a song folder (which is inside a music tracks folder with over 100 song folders), I can’t get the browser to display all the folders in the music folder.

To get all folders showing, I will have to click the music folder, click ok, click browse again, and then all the subfolders will be shown, but if I’m already in a subfolder when I click browse, I can’t get all the other subfolders to be shown by selecting or closing/opening the music folder. It worked fine previously but I think the more song folders I added, the less it worked correctly. The dialog looks like a basic windows browsing dialog, so I wonder if it might it be a windows problem and not a Renoise problem? Anyone bumped into this one?

Edit: The music folder has 106 song folders (and 10 <10mb files in the root) so nothing crazy

It’s not that, It will only show the current folder even if I go one folder up