render to disk dialog doesn't remember the sample rate setting

steps to reproduce:

  1. open render to disk dialog
  2. change any of the settings including sample rate
  3. close render to disk dialog
  4. open render to disk dialog again. it rembers all your previous changes except the sample rate which is set to default 48000Hz in my case

its a minor issue but still could be rather annoying if you forget to check it before rendering the whole song…

Render to disk always reverts to the actual playback sample rate, because DSPs are expected to sound slightly different at other rates, and a few plugins do not handle sample rate changes correctly at all.

This way we’re trying to make sure that the rendered result sounds like the song you’ve edited/listened to before…

okay that makes sense.

Excuse me for reviving the dead.

It does not make sense, sample rate should be remembered as it was set before, maybe only for a session but it’s stupid that priority or interpolation is kept but not sample rate and I have to change it over and over every time I render audio :frowning: