Render to disk ignoring first note of bassline?

When I render my song to disk, the first note of my bassline is just not rendered. When I play the song start to finish it plays the first note, and I’m really at a loss as to what would cause this. I’ve tried putting a blank pattern in the front of my song, now I’m trying putting a note in it which hopefully will be ignored but cause the note I want to play to play.

edit: That worked. There’s like, a short burst of the dummy note at the very start and then it’s silent, and then my song plays normally. Luckily this leaves me some silence area so I can cut it in audacity.

But I’d still like to know what causes this in the first place.

I pretty much do the same when rendering. I have a pre pattern which will trigger the VST I’m using with a quick note off.

Usually about 4 beats, so there is enough silence for me to cut that part/pattern out.

Also, a post pattern for any tails, usually the note off is at the same spot as the first note in pattern if it were a loop.

Reason being, I noticed that when I render from the pattern itself, the attack on my kicks were softer as well as non percussive sounds.

I don’t know what or why, but its been my standard practice for a while now.

EDIT: Just the initial start point of render is where my attacks were softer, after that, the render is just how I hear it live.

Oh good, so I’m not insane.

There are some plugins that suffer from this.
I suspect it has something to do with static buffering (vst settings underneath the question mark button) or PDC being turned on.
It usually resolves when playing around with one of those settings, but can cause other plugins that depend on those settings to fail.
Having a filler-pattern to initiate the first note is usually the best solution. Perhaps the Dev-team could add a minor “pre-trigger first note” option into the VST plugin options with a tail-size (default buffer size) that is stored with each plugin. It would remove the need of filler patterns, but actually clogs up the interface as i personally consider it another dirty trick to circumvent issues.

It took me a couple of rounds to fully adopt the filler pattern approach.

It also serves me well as a “reset dsp settings” per phrase using automation.

Something as simple as one gainer for one track can go through many different changes per phrase.

I was using the Manage Snapshots Tool by Beatslaughter, but found the filler pattern approach simpler and straightforward.

I had that problem with U-he bazille and tyrellN6 plugins and solved by increasing ASIO buffer size (on my old Tascam US-122 this is 1024 samples).