Render to Disk is buggy (First notes skipped with some VSTs)

erm it is? i guess it is! it doesnt enable all tracks while rendering, even if i reset the audiodrivers. is there a workaround? its very annoying for me! it doesnt matter what settings i choose! hm i found that bug several times in the forum. incresing buffersize doesnt give me a solution. it is def. no plugin problem, because i only use u-he zebra and samples. i noticed that if i click “stop” several times it sometimes works and the tracks starts to play all at the same time, but when it comes to rendering it fails again…on the second pattarn everything is normal.

here is an example

I’m a zebra user too, and it’s actually a bug with u-he plugins iirc. Something to do with when renoise renders audio it sends a “panic” or “reset” or something to the plugins. For most plugins this won’t cause a problem. U-he plugins glitch and won’t work right until after the first note is played. The work around is to have a dummy pattern at the start of your song to play a note for every instance of a u-he plugin you have, followed by a brief silence, then after your song should render normally and you can remove the excess space from the beginning of the rendered song manually.

You’ll also notice that this prevents you from being able to use the plugin grabber with u-he plugins, which is incredibly annoying. If you’re trying to resample something from zebra you have to do the dummy note thing.

mh thx for the info! :wacko:

yes render is buggy when 2.8.1 is released.
it is always cut a little from the begining of the track… this means you can render a musicloop…
i dont know why but it is work wrong…

concerning zebra it’s fixed now

if you still experience problems, also try turning off auto suspend

Oh thank christ it was driving me insane. I had actually stopped using zebra for a bit there.

Hi hotelsinus,
what do you mean exactly when you say “it is always cut a little from the begining of the track… this means you can render a musicloop…”?
Did some quick tests, exporting 4 bars 120 bpm of a blank project in renoise. I ended up with an exact 8 seconds audio file as expected. 352800 samples because i’m working with 44100. Did the same in ableton live, compared the two md5: files are identical
Have you tried the same tests?

I was the one who reported the bug at kvr forum ;
It mostly depends on the drivers you use , I had the problem with zebra 2.6 etc…( didn’t have it in 2.5)
What is does … place a few notes , render to selection , you 'll see that the first note is cutt of after a few milliseconds …changing latency could overide this problem .
But hey , the problem is fixed now , u-he is absolutely great when it comes down to bugfixes

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