Render To Disk - 'Save Each Track' Autodetect Mono Files


…move this to the suggestions forum as it isn’t really a bug, though still a bit weird imo.

I love the fact we can mix up mono & stereo samples in the same track in Renoise, that we don’t have to specify the amount of channels for each track like in other Daw’s, BUT rendering to disk tracks filled with solely mono files will always result in stereo renditions when choosing ‘save each track into a separate file’.

I would like the following option in the render to disk window:

‘Save each track into a separate file’ + ‘remain mono’.

I’m working on a multi channel piece in Renoise using mono recordings as source files. I like to make the final montage in pro-tools, but need the files to stay mono when rendered out of Renoise. I know I can convert the renders to mono afterwards, but would like an option to do this in the render to disk window nevertheless.



The trouble is that there’s no such thing as a mono track in Renoise. It doesn’t matter if you’re only triggering mono samples within a track, since the end result is always a stereo signal. Renoise would actually have to implement mono tracks somehow before this rendering option would even be possible.

The tracks are calculated for the use of effects (that can have a stereo output) There is no logic in bouncing mono tracks for the fact that only mono samples are used here. For VSTI plugins, in generic, output channels are supplied with parameters that indicate whether these are mono or stereo, but i don’t know if VST effects do the same. With VSTI plugins i have experienced that some don’t do this part correctly or at all.

In an ideal world Renoise would sense a track containing only mono samples and would add my desired checkbox in the render to disk window, then when checked; simply automate the conversion to mono samples during the render :)

but, since this is somewhat redundant, I’ll do the converting myself now.