Render To File/sample Question

im a total newb to renoise, so forgive me if this is a dumb question.

the renoise wiki says:

“Note Rendering does not work with MIDI instruments.
Rendering VST instruments can cause issues like fixed frequency rate differences.”

for both rendering to sample and rendering to file. erm what is the point of even having VST implimentation if you can’t render what you have made with the VST? I have to be missing something here.

I am wanting to be able to create some bass sounds with zeta+ then bounce them to audio and bring them back into renoise as a sample, is this not possible?

yes, it is possible.

the Wiki instead states that:

1] you cannot render MIDI instruments (i.e.: instruments which trigger notes from MIDI Hardware synths/samplers/whatelse)
2] you MAY come in trouble when rendering VST instruments at exotic sample rates (i.e. 48khz, 96khz, 11Khz), but this should not happen normally, and if happens, it’s not a Renoise problem, rather a problem in the VST instrument

No worries, you can render your VSTi just fine. Probably rendering a VST at say 44khz and then switching to 48khz or other rate is problematic, with midi instrument probably external gear was meant, Renoise 1.8 can record external gear.

Edit: It-Alien was faster.

word, I figured it was something like that. thanks for the quick replies !

heh along these same lines, when I render a selection to sample where is the sample? I can see it in a new instrument, but is the sample somewhere physically on my hard drive? I can’t seem to see it.

The sample get’s saved inside your song, if you want to export it, select sample in the disk browser, enter a filname and press the save button. If you’ve defined envelopes or other instrument properties, you’d better save it as instrument instead, so you don’t loose your edits.

ah cool !