Render to Phrase limit (64 lines)

How can I change the Render to phrase limit? Any help is greatly appreciated…

What is your goal? Render just one phrase?

To render all my slices of one sample to one phrase longer than 64 lines

I do not know if I understood you correctly. With ModFXRender tool you can automatically trigger a phrase with a single note, and render it from an entire track and save it to another sample.

That is, you can render an entire phrase in a sample (via a trigger note within a track), even remove trailing silence, all in a single process…

Maybe you can try it. Chop up a long sample press render to phrase then try to make the rendered phrase longer than 64 lines, is it possible? I tried making the default line limit longer than 64 but it doesn’t change the phrase length. Is it possible to do this from the sample editor? I am new to renoise sorry for the inconvenience.

You only have two ways for the duration of a sample to cover more or fewer lines:

  1. Change your pitch (transpose, finetune, tone of note). Raising the pitch will take up fewer lines. Lowering the pitch will take up more lines (you do not modify the sample).
  2. Keeping the pitch, change the playback speed. If you are using the Phrase Editor you can change the LPB value. If you are simply using the Pattern Editor you can change the BPM or LPB values. If you increase either of these two values, you will get more lines for the same sample length because the playback goes faster… This is changing the “song resolution”, you will have more lines with the same length of the song (but you should never abuse this)…

There is no “render to phrase” option. You can render the audio of a song or sample (render the song or render to sample) or you can create a phrase from a piece of a pattern. This conversion creates notes (it does not generate a new sample with a specific duration).

In Renoise, do not confuse “sample” (audio wave) with “phrase” (succession of manipulable notes), equivalent to a pattern for a single instrument.

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