Render To Sample Driver Issue?

Hi, I’m new to renoise but loving it so far!
When trying to render a track to a sample, I get an error that disables my sound device (scarlett 2i2) Here’s what the log says:

DirectSound: Initializing…
DirectSound: Using SampleRate 44100
DirectSound: Primary Buffer Format: FormatTag=1, Channels=2, SamplesPerSec=44100, BitsPerSample=16, BlockAlign=4
DirectSound: DirectSoundCaptureCreate failed with the error:-2005401480
DirectSound: CreateObjects … FAILED

Error Message: Failed to initialize the audio device ‘Speakers (4- Scarlett 2i2 USB)’. Audio is disabled. Please try to choose a different device or samplerate.

happens to me too, but not always. usually does so when i render in a different sample rate than i am using for playback

I reinstalled and it fixed itself :]