Render to sample improvement

It’d be really great if “render to sample” would render 2 bars of the selection and then use the second bar, so that the tails of synths and effects (delays, reverb) are included in the beginning allowing the sample to be looped.

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Pretty sure you can do this yourself if you want this result,

I had to read that twice. I must be tired. It seemed so Yoda

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but then I would never use it. the great thing about “render selection to sample” is how fast it is, but since it’s always missing the tails of reverbs, delay or notes at the beginning of the clip, it’s not that helpful (in those cases you want to loop something).

:see_no_evil: I still don’t get it

Why not? An optional render feature taking into account tails would be nice .

In wavelab there is an option to ‘Process in place’ which when using time based effects like reverbs it will automatically process the tail. ‘No tail’ can be set in the render menu.
What is great about the wavelab render is that you can highlight/select a short sound in the waveform view, for example a snare sound in a beat section and when processing a reverb it will automatically mix the tail into the rest of the wavefile. You can also determine through setting an envelope how much wet signal is rendered over time.

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