Render to sample with Kontakt has glitches..

I’ve been bouncing VSTi sounds down to samples with no problems so far, but today I tried that with Kontakt and it seems to introduce a gap. The gap happens near the start of the sample.

Anyone else got this problem with Kontakt/Render to sample?

Renoise 3.1 x64 (windows 7)

I havent treid with latest version of Renoise. Is it Kontakt 5?

Just did it with NI Alicias Keys, it worked fine. Win 8, Renoise 3.1 Kontackt, Earth 1.0

I too had this problem rendering to sample from SQ8L and Dexed. There’s a small gap at the beginning, followed, on some samples, by a short glitch. Renoise 3.1, Windows 7 x64.

Big up SQ8L Crew!!

I will try with it myself and get back here

By the way, I’ve now tested this with a variety of VST plugins, both 32-bit and 64-bit, and this seems to happen with all of them when rendering to sample - e.g.:

Rendering a selection from the pattern editor seems to work fine though.

Yes, I get exactly that gap.

is this rendering to sample? I get a small gap

I’m not sure how you did it; my instrument list tends to look different when rendering a VSTi to samples.
Tried it again with SQ8L and the Brassy preset - that one seems to work fine on most samples/keys and velocity layers.

I noticed the bouncing hiccups seem to occur mostly with percussive samples (i.e. sharp transients at the beginning), e.g. when rendering from Audiorealism ADM (in this case the CM Edition):

same problem with all my drum VSTs
cut the beginning of the samples
create a gap in the samples

modifying the samplerate of the asio or directsound ouput “displace” the gap

Its certainly a small bug to correct because track rendering work fine