Render To Sample Won't Work Propperly

Hi there.,

I want to render one note of a Kontakt piano to a sample but when I select the lines I want and render to sample, all I get is the attack of the note, not the sustain.
How can I fix this?

it could be an issue with the KSP script used to create the piano in Kontakt. Try rendering the lines as a song instead of using render to instrument feature. Does it work?

Nope, same problem.

And the render plugin to instrument feature doesn’t work on this?

No, same problem. :(

I can remember this problem. Not sure what the solution was.
Perhaps you have (or the plugin use) an older version of Kontakt.
There might be a “render” button you need to press in kontakt before you start rendering in renoise. It was some problems with disk streaming (dfd) in earlier versions of Kontakt.

I just remember this was easy to fix, but I cant recall exactly what the cure was.

I’ll snoop around in Kontakt again. I updated it last week so I don’t think it’s because I have an older version. :)

I see. It seems anyway obvious that kontakt will not stream from disk when you try to render. Then you only get the attacks of samples that are loaded into RAM. Perhaps some harddrive issues might cause this as well? Make sure the drive is ready and working, and not in standby etc.
I have not had any issues with Kontakt the last years, so I’m not sure what stream/RAM loading options it got now. Let us know if you find anything.

Have you tried disabling the Auto-Suspend feature? Something is making me think a similar problem was solved by doing that for a plugin that didn’t want to render. Probably unrelated but maybe worth a try anyway…