Render Track To Instrument? (Save Track DSPs in Instrument Render)

I posted a similar topic in another forum, it got moved to beginners questions but I’d like to officially post the idea here in case someone is capable and interested in creating a tool that could possibly perform this function?

Basically, I want to be able to render a track down to an instrument so that all the track effect VSTs are saved in the newly-rendered instrument. Think of the tool Plug-In Grabber in Renoise but built specifically for “track to instrument” render, instead of “plug-in to instrument” render.

Primary purpose behind this would be to free up CPU on the processing VSTs in that track, but instead of a simple “track freeze” type of effect, it would mean that the instrument is still editable and playable live because the VST effects have been rendered down and incorporated into the new instrument.

The way I do this manually at the moment is to just set a step of 8, then go up the keyboard recording each note. So now I have each note recorded in various octaves, I render a wav, slice up each note to it’s own sample and reload them back into renoise. Takes a while to do all that, surely it’s a process that could be automated or would it be too difficult to pull off?