Render Unique Patterns

I always wanted to integrate songs created in renoise into ableton. but, when the song is sufficiently long enough, checking both render each pattern and each track to get each track in each pattern as a separate wav file, and error appears because windows cant handle more than 256 files in a folder… or something like that.

anyways, it would be cool to have a check box in the render screen that would scan renoise for unique sequences.

for instance, if you had 2 patterns, with 4 tracks. lets say, lead, bassdrum, hats, and snare. but the drums stayed the same for the 2 patterns and only the bassline changed. instead of renoise exporting 8 tracks, 6 of which are the same, renoise only exports 5 tracks. 3 drum tracks and 2 unique lead tracks

This problem only appears for the the ROOT folder, not subfolders…
If you would render your tracks to a subfolder, Windows should not whine about it…

true. still it would be nice so i wouldnt have to manually dig though more than 200 files looking for copies

losslessly compress them with a drag & drop encoder, get a file manager that displays filesizes in bytes, sort by size —> all files that have the exact same length are very likely to have the exact same content.

probably not that helpful, just one of these random things.

So what you want is to export all pattern-clips:each track will be rendered once per pattern.
I think that this is the best that you can get… the more sophisticated part where identical clips are used in more than one unique pattern will probably take a lot of time to develop.