Render Until Total Silence

You know when the song ends and there’s still some reverb/echo/delay going on. You always need to make an empty pattern just to make sure it gets rendered.
Wouldn’t it be nice if Renoise just knew when to stop rendering itself?
(Or is this stupid/impossible, why?)

Perhaps this has been suggested before, but I couldn’t find anything…

Would be nice. Maybe with some user defined Threshold. Reason I say that is you can currently fool things like Auto Suspect by looping silence and you wouldn’t want this to fool Rendering too, as you would end up with an infinitely long song. Well until you get a crash due to being out of memory anyway.

I love to use an empty pattern to fade out some reverb tails …that empty pattern is the icing on the cake , the end off all patterns indicating that the song is actually finished , like cuddling after intercourse .
I :heart: empty patterns

yep. empty patterns. alternatively, click and hold on pattern length for the last pattern and drag until it’s long enough to accommodate the trails/fade outs…

it is a bit of a luxury idea imo, the empty pattern(s) at the end works like a charm as well. but it is a nice idea nonetheless.

+1 for final pattern. Gives you the opportunity to add some “real” silence to the end of the track, and a place to put the almighty F000 command :slight_smile:

+1 for an option render until total silence in the final pattern B)

And endless delays would result in endless rendering? :)

Oh you right :( that can be a big problem :o

ERROR: Cannot save song, disk full! :D

I like the idea though, it’s sometimes annoying to adjust the length of the last pattern to make it ‘fit’ with your reverb tails, then having to adjust it, or add automation to fade out.

What might be useful is an option in the Render panel, something like:

[x] Render to silence
[x] Auto fade after []seconds from end of pattern
[x] Fade duration/rate

Something to that effect.

Although usually I make my last pattern long and just do my own fade out in Audacity, but it would be handy to have.