Render VST click issue

Hey guys. I just tried the render plugin to instrument function (amazing idea) but getting very bad clicks so it’s unusable. Can anyone confirm or offer fix?

Please see the two pics - different issues, both resulting in clicks.

a piano sample (vst is fine)

a gap and drop at the start of every sample:
at start

I’m on imac 5k 10.15.6 Renoise 3.2.2

Is it possible that this problem is reproduced by the VST? Renoise renders what the VST plays.

No the VSTs are flawless. Only after rendering to instrument in renoise does the issues appear.

Adjusting the attack envelope to hide the clicks is not an option either as requires too much time to mask them, ruined the transients and dulls the instrument.

What VST are you using?

The VSTs tested today were Kontakt & Serum

Will test more tomorrow

(all my VSTs are legit)

The briefest moment of silence with the jump down at the start of the sample is normal. That is to say, I have that too. If it bothers you adding a very short attack should fix it. 0.1ms could be enough already.

On a side note, even some of my hardware synths click when their attack is fully at zero. Add the tiniest amount of attack and the click is gone.

That gap after the sample started playing I have never experienced. Does that happen on every VST you render to instrument? And does it happen on every note? If so, does it always happen in at the same time?

Thanks. I already did mention I tried the attack method though, and it is not a good fix for this because the clicks are too big, almost distortions. I haven’t had a chance yet to try other vts but will do so soon and post the results.


I have trouble rendering first note with Spire but for some odd reason it render correctly at very slow BPM, can you try render with slow BPM just out of curiosity?

Hey Garf, thanks for the idea but unfortunately that didn’t work … exactly same issue. The samples all have a corrupt start.

I have now tried with multiple plugins and the same issues on everything.

Would love this to be fixed… is it best for me to stay in this forum or to contact the devs direct?


I have no problem rendering a Kontakt piano and Serum synth (demo) to instrument on latest Windows 10 pro. I have no clue why that happens on your setup.

ok i’m assuming it’s a Mac only issue. What is the protocol for this from here? do I hope the devs read this forum … or do I write directly to them? I’m quite new to renoise. Thanks

One person @taktik reads the forum.

I am in the same case as @Garf. I use Windows 10 with R3.2.2 and I have no problems rendering VSTi’s, neither with kontakt nor other free VSTi’s.

@askewd, are you using the latest version of MAC O.S.? The Renoise compilation for each operating system is slightly different, especially what has to do with sound generation.

I am on mac Catalina.