Rendered audio clicks/pops/crackles in the right audio channel

Every time I try to render a track, for some unknown reason, it always has clicking in the right audio channel.
This clicking doesn’t happen in playback through Renoise itself.
I’m running Fedora 39 using Pipewire Jack, maybe there’s a problem with that?

“using Pipewire Jack”

This should not influence your rendered audio imo. Does it happen with Alsa and does it happen in a new track with just samples or even silence? What’s your CPU load?

Rendered audio crackles both with Jack and ALSA.
CPU load is minimal.
Happens when samples are playing.
There’s clicking without effects however adding them causes it to click more.
Rendering a track separately doesn’t include clicking in the rendered audio.

What’s your setting here?


Did you try “render in background”? Have you chosen the right sampling rate?

Originally I had these settings

However I changed the interpolation to be precise and maxed out the sample rate with bit depth and that gave me my audio without any clicking. Which is weird since on another project, it was precise interpolation that was giving my rendered audio clicking.

Maybe it’s the sample rate. You have it on 192 kHz now?

It was the bit-depth instead.
For some reason it clicks on 16 bit-depth, even with the highest sample rate. Stops at 24 and 32.
Tested it on other projects where it clicked and, rendering them in 32 bit removed the clicking.

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That’s strange. Maybe someone else ran into this as well. I’m always using 16 bit.

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