Rendered wav does not have panned VSTs+samples

hey i noticed this long ago…

i just rendered a new tune, and i used a pan inside the synthmaster 2 plug.
they do not get into the wave file.
nor adding a pan command works, because that only works on samples
nor panning the whole channel down in the bottom, gives the result.

it sounds fine inside renoise. the wav doesnt.
i thought the problem would be fixed, but i know the tracker scene, there is a large amount of sample music being made ? and it works on samples… eh duh, why does some vocals i sampled inside renoise, pan fine inside renoise, and not in the WAV ?

i hope this gets fixed

when a VST has a pan sound knob, and you set that to all way left, for sure that must go into the wav

I’ve never used the VST you mentioned, but if you’ve checked to make sure that the rendering options are all correct and everything else doesn’t seem to work, you could try using the VST automation tool to automate the pan knob. It’s worth a shot, at least.

hi, thats right. i will try that.

but i have 2 tunes, where ordinary samples, are panned inside Renoise.
and on the wav, this panning is gone.

i believe that there is an essential mixer error somewhere in the code, and nobody just noticed it.
an XM module, if it was that, has always worked. this is no different, a sample and a pan column value. works! but on wav, does not work. so there is a bug somewhere.

This surely should not happen. Could you please upload/attach a little example Renoise song which demonstrates the problem?

hi Taktik, sorry for very late reply.

it seems that some older vst, you can pan them with renoise.
the pan column has effect, but in other vst, the pan in the vst has to be automated.

what i would do, is check if the vst requires an automation or not.

anyway my reply is very very late, and perhaps its all ancient history now…