Rendering a synth that goes over 10 Patterns


I’m working on a tune, where I designed a lead out of a synth which synthesis is going through some timeeffects (delay&reverb/internal synth fx). My lead goes over 10 patterns, each pattern 256 lines.
Now after fun synthesis and automation I’d like to have it dead stable as audio file, than again intergrated as audio into the tune.
Is it possible to render it as one file(all 10 patterns)? All what I looked for and tried out came out to a conclusion that it’s only possible to a render for only one selected pattern…So if I want to render it via all shortcuts that are related to rendering that I found, it just work on the pattern you are but not on the following patterns that are filled with data of this track and synth line. So I would end with 10 files with strange endings and beginings because with delay and reverb that does not work that nice… I need to have one file with good fades or with just one fade out. I could render the song and solo the channel and than immport the file and set as one shot but I wonder if there is another more elegant solution? I bet that’s an easy one :slight_smile: but I need help since I’m not that long into Renoise.

Just this, rendering from matrix editor is not still possible.

Check the “Selection in sequence” radio button in the Render dialog, you then get a “From” and “To” field visible where you can set the start sequence and end sequence to render.
Also check the “Save each track into a separate file” checkbox near the bottom of the dialog so that you can pick up the specific track you need.
If you don’t want other tracks to be rendered at all:solo the target track before you start the render.

Also See:…#Part_to_Render

Thank you very much guys! You rock ;)