Rendering - At What Priority?

hi all.
i’ve had problems understanding what’s best of priority “low” or “real” when rendering songs.
what i want, is the best render possible, no matter how much time it takes.
is one of these more stable and accurate than the other? is it just a matter of cpu usage?


“real” priority is the best option. A lot of VST plugins need a lot of processing power and in some cases even “low” priority renoise takes a guess how long a VST needs to process audio and by misguessing might cause some plugins to miss out an important CPU cycle to do some processing which might result in glitches or hickups in the rendering output.
With Realtime priority, Renoise always waits until the plugin returns the call to continue so Renoise will then process the next step and not earlier.
In a simple way this is how it easily explains the difference between low and realtime.

aha! thanks very much.
yeah, that makes sense i see now.

very good to know.


learned something here again :D:smiley: