Rendering - Better Position Management

Hi guys.

This might be a borderline featurerequest, but I’m a bit tired with the rendering options in the main menu (not the “render selection”). For mixing down parts that cover several patterns I use the render sequence option, but the settings for that could really do with an update. You have to set the songpositions in order to identify the sequence you want to render, but the only way to get the songpositions are to manually count them… and in a song with loads of patterns, that can be a rather tedious and tiresome process!

Therefore, I suggest you either include a songposition-number to the far left or perhaps better yet, replace the render-sequence-option with a render-pattern-selection-option.

If there already is such a feature hidden somewhere in Renoise please feel free to kick my ass :P

Maybe the render options screen could simply be expanded to include the pattern name, making it much easier to see what is what?


Of course, the fatal problem with my idea is that pattern names are only unique to patterns themselves, and a pattern can be duplicated X times in your whole song. So, if your “song” was simply 1 pattern repeated the entire time, you could end up with something like:

“From: [00] [intro]”
To: [24] [intro]"

… which is useless :(

So… looks like I jumped the gun a bit with that one, but I’m sure there’s still some other improvements we could think of in this area.

good idea.

There is a shortcut in the pattern sequencer for this:
Select the part you want to render, then right click the sequencer-> Render Selection to WAV…

Thanks Taktik, indeed there is… thanks for the info! :D

I had no idea it worked for patterns aswell.

no idea here either, all praise to taktik the unpwnable :)