Rendering Entire Song With External Synths

It would be a great addition in renoise if it has ability to render entire song when a hardware synth is used, right now you can only record paterns to an instrument and use it in the song already sampled.

But what if Renoise could render those midi/synth tracks in real time mode then render other tracks and then mix them together in final rendered song.

An external synth implies just that, external.

It’s like asking Renoise to render your guitar.

You need to route your signal back and record it, not render it.

Or am I missing something here?

doesn’t the virus ti do that with some bits of software or something? but yeah surely it’d be impossible with most hardware, unless by rendering you mean a way of automating the process of routing the signal back and recording it?


Renoise needs this.
The line-in device should let you record external instruments during the render/render to sample process.

Live has this…vetech_0508.htm
The device let’s you choose which audio inputs to record the sound from and let’s you adjust the latency manually.

yes your are missing… its not about guitar or vocal rendering…

for example ableton has realtime rendering of the synth, i mean when you create a track including external synth you can render whole song, but when you render in renoise you only can render everything exept the external synth.

i hope i made my self clear, i can also film my self what i want to do in order to show this issue…

i understand that i can record external synth in other way(for example in sample record mode while recording patterns), but it would be great thing to render it also in song render mode…


This does seem to be part and parcel of including a “Line-In” device.

i second this.
should be possible i guess (when rendering in realtime mode) and would certainly be nice to have for a lot of hardware junkies.

To me, the the Line-in device seems like a novelty at the moment unless you’re doing live stuff with it which I think a lot of us are not.
Being able to record as the song renders would make it useful. It’d have to slow the render down to realtime speed of course.

Nah man, for me it is definitely more than a novelty atm! I’m no singer, but it is great fun singing through a vocoder, or creating samples/sound effects with your voice and dsp/vst! Get a mic and a good gate/compressor chain to avoid feedback and start experimenting!

lol jonas
that’s something i’ve done too

well, i dont mean recording stuf in real time such as singing or playing at the same time as rendering songs…

you have to try record external synth to see what i mean,

i made tracks already sequenced on renoise, but they dont render in the song render mode or seleted pattern mode, only in the way you would record your live vocals or patterns in a sample record enviroment…

It is about renoise architecture, it was not ment to render songs with external synths… routed through midi out and line in…

thanks… never thinked about real time render mode but after few tries it failed also, the “line in” device just disable it self…
i think it is just made for recording stuff.

I suggest that “Line in” should have not only latency modes for midi return mode or live record mode, but also it should recognize when to disable the line input and when not…
it should have 2 options selecting as for example “live input” and “rendering input”… when selected live input, line in behaves as it behaves right now… but when selected rendering input… it has to activate line in, in real time song rendering… qraphycaly it can be just a button to activate or disactivate render mode…

Wel It seems a bit weird for me to place the ‘ext. rec’ option in the line-in device.

I think the option is more in place in the ‘render to disk’ options panel.
a checkbox with “render line-in devices” or some kind.

this way you have a better overview, If you don’t want a synth to be rendered you simply mute the channel.
just like you would with a VSTi.

well, there might be some line in inputs in the song witch are not used to record external midi instrument, for example you have two line ins for synth and two line ins for vocal recording ,and you just define by presing on ext.rec that this device should be used in render and if unchecked it should not… to avoid recording sound from a mic in render mode…

But it can be also in render option panel…
any way, how it would look its up to renoise team to decide, but this feature would be useful and one little step further to a profesional midi instrument usage…


Sidenote; i’m still a little confused as to what exactly the difference is between Live Recording and MIDI return modes on the line-in device, and how Renoise manages the latency differently?

Forget about it. Devs don’t want to do it. I have asked for it several times. They just don’t want it…

you gotta believe hard enough elcct.

its just a suggestion, sooner or later it should apear on renoise, due to more profesional features…

you can always record your monitor out signal in the sample editor.

I always did this by connecting my sp-dif out to my sp-dif in.
Now with my Edirol UA-101 I can just select an output mix to record.

apart from the ability to render tracks and/or patterns into seperate files,
this offers a quick way to make a raw version of a tune in the making without recording each hardware soundsource seperately.